Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Blog?

For years we considered creating a regular newsletter of interesting things that go on around Fire Farm but always ended up intimidated by the scale of such a project with regard to regular management in light of daily production requirements.

Well, it seems that the technology has come around that may allow us to finally create that connection in a more bi-directional and casual way than a formal newsletter. Hopefully with more dynamic and varied content possibilities as well.

Because of the collaborative nature that is Fire Farm you may see posts from a variety of staff members here. We want to create diversity in our blog content reflective of the diversity of ideas the staff brings to our product development.

This blog is intended to be a casual and regular window into the daily happenings at Fire Farm. We are really lucky to have evolved a company culture that is rewarded for its exploration and creative problem-solving work. We hope that we can share some insight to the discoveries we make along our path of creation with those of you outside the walls of the factory. And also the challenges we face in our explorations.

And so, with that being said, Let's blog... (who came up with that term, anyway?)

-Adam Pollock


Anonymous said...

And, so it begins.
Very, Very Nice, Adam!

FYI:Web,log = blog.

Adam Jackson Pollock said...

Thank you! It is nice to get started finally...

Sina Hanson said...

Hey, more posts please! I want to know what you are up to. - Sina

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