Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Liquid Light


This week we experimented with a combination of materials that yielded extraordinary results! Shouts of joy resounded throughout the R & D shop, even the most jaded and time- tested of our crew members were shocked and amazed. We have discovered what one described as "Liquid Light!," while another exclaimed, "It's alive!"

The resulting multi-dimensional plane of spectral color, literally changes in saturation and intensity, undulates, and follows your every move. You want to grab the color in your hand, but you are not even certain as to where it is, or where it went. The visual impact surpasses that of the very best Opal gemstone or Northern Lights!

These images on your computer screen can only begin to translate visually this stunning discovery.

Jim Walch of Fire Farm

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Anonymous said...

Spooky, yet very seductive.
Fire Fly

Anonymous said...

Can you post a video that is zoomed out a bit for some context?

Adam Jackson Pollock said...

We hope to have a more complete fixture that will display the qualities of the Liquid Light posted shortly. We are still in the exploration phase, we wanted to give our patrons an early peek at some interesting developments we are working on. We're glad to have you viewing the blog, thank you. As soon as we can get something more complete put together we will post it for you to give you a better idea of what this material is like. It is a bit difficult because we see about a hundred different directions we can go with it. I am not sure we will ever be able to properly represent it through photos or video, it is really something unique that comes alive in person--but we'll try!

We're really hoping to make this blog a place we can share discoveries with you in real-time and create opportunity for dynamic discussion. We really do appreciate your attention and your request for more information about our activities and we will try to answer your expectations as quickly as we are able.


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