Thursday, April 8, 2010

Busted! April First Jellyfish Report Turns Out To Be Not Completely True

Let's get real folks, nobody really believed that these marvelous fixtures were actually jellyfish residing in Elkader (but if you did, that's OK too). However, they were in fact inspired by those beautiful creatures, Chrysaora Colorata. Not exactly a "smack" or "bloom," but an amazingly complex and gorgeous multiple-fixture Fire Farm Lighting project.

Above, the "jellyfish" in question. Upon further investigation, they turned out not to be actual members of any genus or species, but are still pretty cool anyway. Photographs by Jim Walch.

They have left our warehouse, not via our scenic Turkey River, but by motor and then marine freight to their final destination in the Bahamas where they will grace a 50-foot tall atrium.

Pictured: Jerel "Jack" Palas, Acrylic and Refraction Specialist.

These five fixtures are unbelievably light in weight, but pack a very substantial visual impact! All fabricated from an array of proprietary materials and processes, right here in Elkader, Iowa.

These pieces, as with most Fire Farm creations, can be modified to accommodate your wildest vision or dream.

Jim Walch of Fire Farm

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