Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Sprung

Spring is upon us! 

We are all amazed by the mild Winter we have experience and now the advent of unheard of March 82 degree sunny days.
The streets and riverwalk in Elkader are filled with people after work and during breaks throughout the day. The St. Patricks day parade was the most attended I have ever seen. (Usually it involves parkas and snow removal equipment leading the way).
A transplant from Northern California, I still find the transition between seasons novel and invigorating. The ground is thawing, people are planning their gardens and farmers  are starting their fields all around us.
Here at the factory (or 'plant' as my grandfather used to call our shop), we have been germinating ideas all Winter and are ready to sow new seeds of our own. 
We have been watching the LED revolution the last few years, waiting for the right time to dive in. We think the technology is finally beginning to deliver in a way that is reliable and accessible enough for us to embrace.
It is as exciting as experiencing the change of Season. We are inspired by the unique qualities and wonderful promise LED holds for the future.
Bob has a que of new designs to photograph, and we are frustrating him as they are backing up faster than he can get the photos shot. The breadth of new ideas being explored is invigorating all of us here.
The green grass is shooting up outside, while inside it is fun to watch our own little green renewal in its infancy.
We look forward to sharing the fruits of our labors over the next few months. We hope that you will invite them to your table and feast. 
It is time for us all to come outside and play in the sun. Spring has sprung in Northeast Iowa!
Help us shine some light on the departing economic Winter and look toward brighter days. 


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