Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blast from the Past: Verushka Lamps

[ One of the exciting features in our soon-to-be-rolled-out website redesign is a brand new section: The Archives.* In anticipation for the glorious rollout, we're posting fun selections from the Archives. Yippee! ]

Continuing our foray into Fire Farm's lamp history, we come upon the delightful Verushka table lamps and pendants, designed by Boris Jeanrenaud, and introduced to the Fire Farm line in 2001.

Reads the catalog:
Bold yet rigorously minimal, the Verushka lamp is the modern line distilled to its essence. Color Options: Powder Blue, Apple Green, Brown, Purple, or Cobalt Blue.

* Archived lamps are no longer in production. However, if you absolutely love something in the Archives, it's possible we may have some parts still available, or may be able to apply what you love in a new design. Just ask!

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